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    GARD               GODFREY

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Gard Family of Australia

Hello and welcome to my family history site. Here you'll find my own research and information shared by others. The Gard line has been my primary focus; hence it has the most pictures and information. My other family lines are what I dabble in when I feel like a change.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so please help me place as many pictures as possible. Feel free to download as many pictures as you like, I am not the owner of these pictures, just the bearer.

The family coats of arms are symbolic and not official. Each surname represents a great grandparent; mine are on the left of screen and my wife's on the right.

To find the person you're looking for, click on the relevant coat of arms where you will be directed to an index of names. Click on the person's name to view their family page, or alternatively, go to the INDEX tab and view all the surnames.

Though every effort is made to ensure information is accurate, there will be mistakes. Anything written in RED is questionable. Any questions, comments, additions or corrections are welcomed.

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Jared Gard
Site Created: 18 June 2009

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        PIPER             SHELTRUM

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SPENCER                 HIND    

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CRAWFORD               FLICK